Sunday, February 1, 2009

mmc 1/31/09

(^pics from more here)

since we had to pick up the rs from a local monticello shop for a powerplant 'refresh' since our first mmc event, what better time than the morning of yesterday's event. (thanks for the ride up mike!) the crank had seized at the very end of our first event- i'm guessing oil pump failure due to high mileage. the 35k mileage replacement engine runs like a champ and we were back in business.

not sure everyone knows the story but adil and i share the 2.5rs 'rallycar'. not only does splitting expenses make sense- but the valuable seat time we get riding along with each other, giving feedback, discussing technique/lines, etc.. allows us to improve our skills at a faster rate. it doesn't hurt that we've competed against each other for years along the way autoxing and get along very well.

i'd highly recommend doing the shared car thing with the right person if the events you run are codriver friendly. adil uses it for family trips/rallyx/mmc, while i also get to bash it through the woods since my self-preservation gene is missing.

anyways- here's some in-car from yesterdays event.

MMC winter driving series 1.31.09 from dan cheung on Vimeo.

plenty of great footage but tried to keep it short. (thanks for the wide angle AC!.. i need to buy a DVR.) adil was fond of my ninja reverse move (while the car was out of control i figured i might as well be ready to back it out) and i hope you can appreciate his badass run. very smoooth, clean and tidy. we didn't catch my first ultra 360 (spun the car all the way around at speed without missing a beat) but i did capture my end of day attempt on camera.

we had a TON of fun, the north course was AWESOME (4th gear on the back straight!), and MMC put on another world-class event. i can't compliment the very friendly and professional MMC folks enough!

for all of you that haven't attended yet- beg borrow or steal snow tires! get out there!

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William said...

Low threshold on traction! It has to be one of the best car control clinic. What would you? RWD with semi-snow (winter-sport) tires would work?

dan said...

hi william..

very low traction! it's a sheet of ice underneath the snow. if it was pavement we'd be in trouble in terms of tire wear so it's a good thing.

due to the nature of the off-track excursions, you'd most likely need to be towed out more than a few times. even our car got stuck twice with 4wd and badass snows (nokian hakka 1's). i'd recommend true snows tires if possible with RWD.

my local suby dealer (northcoast- is renting cars for these events i believe. otis (pro rally driver) was coaching those that rented. that's another option i'd look into.

the experience is priceless!


AC said...

Nice! It was huge fun but I think everyone left some plastic somewhere on that track!

dan said...

haha.. that's true. we had some weight reduction with a disappearing side skirt! i'll point the finger at adil though.. not guilty! (i think)

Mike said...

Dan, great vid

Chris said...

Wow, that looks like fun. Did you damage the car when you hit the hay bale? I'm too much of a poosay to take my 3 month old STI there! Good show gents.